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Our Story

  • Total Courage Georgia began as a humanitarian relief response to the challenges of COVID-19 in rural Georgia. We provided over 50,000 meals to families in need, as well as much-needed PPE, medicines, clothing, and fuel.

  • While doing this, we recognized that much support is needed for Georgia’s economic development (particularly outside of Tbilisi) and decided to pivot away from humanitarian relief to focus on helping young people develop the skills they need to ensure a prosperous Georgia in the future. The need for a strong education in such high-value sectors as science, technology, engineering, and math was clear, particularly for young women and girls.

  • The mission of Total Courage Georgia is to create better economic opportunities in Georgia. We aim to empower youth and women across the country, particularly in the regions, by increasing their capacity in leadership, project development, and STEM education.  Our main project in 2021-2022 is Technovation Girls Sakartvelo.  This project began in Georgia in 2016 by Peace Corps Volunteer Kathy O’Neill. It was continued until 2020 when Peace Corps Volunteers were evacuated due to COVID-19.  Total Courage Georgia is honored to continue this project in Sakartvelo!

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