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About Us

Technovation Girls is an international technology and entrepreneurship education program that equips young women ages 13-18 with the skills they need to become tech entrepreneurs and leaders.

In 2023, the official representative of Technovation Girls in Georgia is Alte University.The project is organized by the Digital Transformation Center in partnership with the Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency (GITA) and the STEM Teachers' Association. Media partner of the project is Forbes Woman Georgia.

Chapter Ambassadors - Nana Dikhaminjia, Kathy Sheppard, Janet Smalley. 

Volunteers - Mariam Rinkiashvili, Nino Sikharulidze, Salome Naskidashvili, Ana Kintsurashvili, Mariam Machaidze, Naniko Kakonashvili.

Student Ambassadors - Nino Chkhaidze, Natali Kharauli, Tamar Vibliani.

Our Partners

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