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Technovation Girls Sakartvelo 2022 season 

Georgia Winners

Junior Division

1st Place Winner:  RH45

2nd Place Winner: Star Catchers

3rd Place Winner: The Collective


Senior Division:

1st Place Winner:  SolutionistS

2nd Place Winner:  WeMeanNow

3rd Place Winner:  10/37


Global Semifinalists:

Junior Division

Star Catchers

Senior Division:


Senior Division

SolutionistS: EcoVero

Georgia 1st Place Winner

Our app provides immediate and easily understandable information to all of the users, such as the types of the fibers used in clothes, whether they affect our health, how many resources are usually used in the making and whether that is an optimal amount, what kind of consequences does their mass production cause, the specifics on how to care for the clothes to make them last longer thus reducing the waste, the stores you can find eco-friendly options in and so on.

WeMeanNow: Petscovery

Georgia 2nd Place Winner

The Petscovery app is designed to assist owners in locating their misplaced pets. We provide a warm, friendly, and safe environment for pet owners to exchange information about their missing pets and receive support from the whole Petscovery community. Our program functions as a social media platform, allowing users to view and create posts for others to see and interact with.

Girls from Shida Kartli : CO Detector

The team Girls from Shida Kartli aims to solve an important problem-gas leak, how to avoid it, and its negative consequences. That is why we created a free mobile application  After downloading the application: Choose the desired language and Complete a 5-point questionnaire The application through the AI detects a level of gas leakage and its level how dangerous is it and how fast it should be solved Provides contacts of the local gas supply company Last sheet aims awareness to raise and the user sees information We do hope that our app changes lives and creates a safe environment.

Team #38: FYO (Find Your Opponent)

Our application is about to find your opponent in any sport, like chess, handball, teniss and etc. Also, It will have great offers in a business part. By this app, you can find your sport opponent, be health, get to know new people in your area, some economical offers and joyfull play.

Neiron: DF (Digital Friend)

The core mission of our app is to bring people and technologies closer together, to help them manage and allocate time efficiently. Using 4 different sections we will be able to provide the customer with interesting activities in one space. (Movies, Culinary, Fitness, Challenge) We decided to create an application in thunkable and used a label, button, and web viewer. We would like to use a chatbot consisting of 5 to 10 nodes in each section of the app, however, due to time and insufficient knowledge we may only be able to imitate it.

KEPLER : Youniverse

Global Semifinalist

"Youniverse" focuses on raising mental health awareness and provides free information about mental disorders. It offers 3 working features: Self-Diagnosis, a Diary, and Pill Reminder. The first one on the list is yet to be expanded, as we have one disorder featured currently. A Diary uses a password to have access to diary contents. You can save or edit the contents. It has minor nuances - e.g. the content gets deleted when clicking the "save" button twice. Pill Reminder is for people who take medication. Right now, you can set the same alarm once a day, though we're working on improving this.

Us for Earth1: Tellus

The name of our project is derived from Roman mythology, Tellus is often associated with Gaia, the Romans also called him "Terra Mater" which means earth in Georgian. We thought that this name was appropriate for our project. On the planet, all people regardless of gender and age should care about the environment. Garbage bins should be located as much as possible to avoid dumping garbage in the river or on land,also our research found that people dump garbage in the river,which is used for bathing , drinking,  to clean household items. All this leads to a catastrophic result.

Phoenix: For the equal environment

The peculiarity of the application is that it has no analogue, unlike other maps, it gives us additional information about the ramps in some specific areas - whether it meets the standards and, therefore, whether it can be used by a person with disabilities, the application has the following functions: Determines the location of the user and the ramps Filters and searches destinations by category. It determines the distance from the user to the destination; Users can now share the app via e-mail or QR code.

Team 60: Plastopedia 

To solve the problem with plastic bottles, our team has created an application. You can bring plastic bottles to our school, and we will sort them and send them to different companies for recycling. The school is located in the city center, at the confluence of the Rioni River and the Black Sea. The legal framework does not allow the school to operate commercially, so we will enter into an agreement with one of the plastic recycling business companies to cooperate with us. Allocate space on the school premises where the collected plastic bottles will be placed. potential client: Population teachers students

404: Eventspace

Our product helps people from all over Georgia get in touch with each other and raises awareness about certain events that include volunteering, STEM enrichment programs, and etc.. We believe, that this particular app will contribute into making Georgia more of a united place where everyone feels welcomed, as this application can be used as a main source of information about eco-events and entertainment, especially for expats, who are English speakers, have just arrived, and want to do their part into improving Georgia and themselves.

Team # 10/37: EduSearch 

Georgia 3rd Place Winner

Blank is a nonprofit organization the target audience of which will consist of school and university students as well as parents and teachers/lecturers who are actively searching for programs and events that will help them/their children develop new skills end acquire knowledge. Our app EduSearch will provide a specialized platform to the interested parties for sharing and receiving up-to-date information regarding the youth events and services available in Georgia. EduSearch will help young people find relevant events and services offered by numerous organizations more efficiently and ensure their personal and professional development throughout the years.

Junior Division

Star Catchers: DushetiCity

Global Semifinalist 
Georgia 2nd Place Winner

The application is for the city of Dusheti and the tiny villages around it. Many people have transportation problems, waiting for buses for hours without having any proper agenda. We had to communicate with the local government for a month to get a bus schedule from them. App gives buses' location in real-time and shows the exact schedule for every destination. It gives information about local small businesses and sights that are underrated, and are not included in typical touristic brochures.

Rh 45 (გუნდი 45/182):
Find Your School

Georgia 1st Place Winner

An app that allows parents and students to find the school of their dreams. By sorting data (location, subjects taught, extracurriculars, school achievements, student/parent reviews and etc.) about schools all over the country we help our customers choose the best school possible.

Community-46: Communication

We make an app called Communication. This app provides information and tips on communication. The app is lined with images and text. The app is bilingual. Is English and Georgian. The text is written in Georgian and pronounced in English. The app is currently in MIT App Inventor.

Technical Future

The state doesn't provide the full statistics of people with disabilities, despite the duties imposed by NATO conventions. Despite perceiving the difficulties connected with the education of people with disabilities, we do think that disabled children should study with their peers, in order to feel themselves as full members of society. Communication is the process of exchanging information between individuals. People exchange information and feelings through interaction. Communication is essential for all humans, especially for the disabled ones.


TRIP4YOU is an app which can help local Adjarian people or Visitors to get High region in Shuakhevi valley Chvana from Batumi. Using this app people can book tickets or order some food. Also it helps people check road where is landside and ask help or clean the road.

The Collective: MyMapGeorgia

Georgia 3rd Place Winner

MyMapGeorgia is a social media-like app, which allows users to find places suitable for taking pictures for their social media accounts, find places for sightseeing, and such. It helps tourists, as well as locals, find places that otherwise would not have been found.

Magic Duo: World of Motivation

We often think of ourselves living on a considerably stressful agenda, which affects our motivation of learning. We all have gone through the moment when we lose the incentive of learning. We can understand our peers. thus, let's step toward together and unleash the stress of learning by the app since nothing is impossible! "We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But if that drop was not in the ocean, I think the ocean would be less because of that missing drop." Mother Teresa.

AANS-wer: J.O.B.

J.O.B. is an app that helps people gain experience from an early age and earn money to become more independent, gain confidence and grow an identity and help their families if there is a need for financial help. J.O.B. stands for joy, balance, opportunity and it indeed justifies them. Our app enables people to upload a job offer if they need a babysitter or pet sitter. A person looking for a job can narrow their search down by customizing the job they are looking for, therefore, they can set her/his desired minimum salary range or daily working hours.


The purpose of the project is to let our classmates and other pupils to find information they need easier in subjects they need and sourves the 4th goal of sustainable development "quality education".

Featured here are two of the seven submissions required by international Technovation Girls to compete in the 2022 season:  the Project Name & 100-Word Description and a Pitch or Demo Video.  These materials are the creation of each team and reflect their research and opinions.
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