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📣 We are getting everything ready to kick off registration for the new season of Technovation Girls Sakartvelo (TGS) – and have exciting news to announce! Alte University and its Digital Transformation Center, led by Professor Nana Dikhaminjia, is the new sponsor of TGS in 2023.  

Alte University’s focus on developing new technological educational programs and training courses and introducing the latest digital transformation methodologies in Georgia make it the perfect partner to enable TGS to equip girls with skills needed to become tech entrepreneurs and leaders!


👉🏼👉🏼 International Technovation Girls is scheduled to open registration for the 2023 season on 11th October. Check back here soon for links to our TGS 2023 “Interest Form” and international Technovation Girls 2023 registration.

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What Is
Technovation Girls?

Technovation Girls is an international technology and entrepreneurship education program that equips young women ages 13-18 with the skills they need to become tech entrepreneurs and leaders.

With support from volunteer mentors, girls work in teams to develop technology projects that address and solve real-world challenges and problems in their community. They learn programming basics to develop a phone app or AI prototype and learn how to pitch and market their idea.


Created in 2009 in the United States’ Silicon Valley, Technovation Girls has reached girls in 100+ countries. Technovation Girls began in Georgia in 2016.


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Participate As a

As part of Technovation Girls, your team will...



  •  Learn to code and create an app or an AI prototype to solve that problem with support from your mentor – you don't need to know how to code to participate!

  • If you are between the ages of 13 and 18 by August 1, 2022, you can participate.

  • Pre-register and we will send you the information you need to participate on a Technovation Team.
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Be A Mentor

As a Technovation Girls

Team  Mentor, you will ...

  •  Work with a team of 1 -5 girls for 4+ months, spending roughly 40 hours helping them develop their ideas (~2 hours per week).

  •  Recruit and supervise teams of girls as they create apps to solve community problems.

  •  Coordinate meeting times with your teams.

  •  You do not need to be a technology professional, but you should be comfortable saying "I don't know, let's find out together." 

If you aren't able to make this time commitment, consider becoming a Consultant Mentor. 



Special Technovation Girls Sakartvelo events

  • Early January/Mid-January – Virtual Kickoff Event!  Meet the Technovation Leadership Team, learn more about the project, and meet other participants.

  • Mid-February/End of February – One day workshop in your region of Georgia to assist you with your project, meet other teams in your region and get to know the Technovation Leadership team.


  • Late March/Early April  – Another one-day workshop in your region of Georgia to assist you with the final touches to make sure your project is ready to submit on 18 April 2023.

  • May – Pitch Event – This is the big day! Your team will present your project to a group of judges, and the national winners will be selected from the Junior Division (ages 13-15) and the Senior Division (ages 16-18).

  • Late July/Early August – Techno-Palooza Camp – For all teams who completed their projects and presented at the national Pitch Event, you will be invited to attend an exciting summer camp to celebrate your hard work, learn how to continue your interest in entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership, and technology, and have fun!


Our Partners

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