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Be a Mentor

Volunteer your time as a mentor to support students’ learning! Work with young people and help them learn how to build technology that will shape their futures. Mentors can be educators, parents, technology, or business professionals, university students, after-school coordinators, etc.

Team Mentor 

  • Mentor or co-mentor a 1- to 5-person team of girls.  


  • Support teams to take part in the program and complete the curriculum – not like a teacher who teaches them something, but rather someone who accompanies them to meetings and events, helps with teamwork and project management, and who gives them insights into their own way of working.  

  • You do not have to have any special previous knowledge; you can learn together with the girls while completing the curriculum.  And you don't have to already know the answers to all of their questions – you can figure it out together!  Note: Team Mentors can collaborate with a team virtually and also co-mentor with a friend or colleague, if desired.  The curriculum will be available in Georgian as well as English.

  • A detailed introduction to mentoring at Technovation Girls can be found here.


Consultant Mentor 

  • Aid in the different aspects of the curriculum, such as coding, business planning, marketing, and UI/UX design. If you have particular knowledge in one of these areas, you will be a resource to teams when they are working on a specific part of the curriculum.

  • Assist the Technovation Girls Georgia leadership team at regional 1-day workshops with teams and mentors, which will happen near the beginning and end of the curriculum. 

  • Be available as a resource to Team Mentors throughout the program. 


Benefits of Being a Technovation Mentor

Screenshot 2021-10-12 at 16.43.10.png

Increased or refreshed their technical skills

Screenshot 2021-10-12 at 16.43.19.png

Increased knowledge in entrepreneurship

Screenshot 2021-10-12 at 16.43.27.png

Learned how to be an effective mentor

Screenshot 2021-10-12 at 16.43.33.png

Agreed the program expanded their professional network

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